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Alternatives to Cobalt Chloride

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AGoodCo distributes a chemically safe desiccant in the form of silica gel. Silica gel was patented by chemistry professor Walter A. Patrick at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland in 1919. During World War I Silica gel was used for the absorption of vapors and gases in gas mask canisters. In World War II, silica gel was indispensable in the war effort for keeping penicillin dry, protecting military equipment from moisture damage, as a fluid cracking catalyst for the production of high octane gasoline, and as a catalyst support for the manufacture of butadiene from ethanol, feedstock for the synthetic rubber program.

Safe and non-toxic

Our gel is safe because the doping agents that are added to it as moisture indicators are derived from an inorganic iron compound. This compound is not classified as dangerous under any legislation, and hence can be used safely in a wide range of applications.

By contrast, cobalt (II) chloride is used as a moisture indicator for most silica gel in the US. Cobalt (II) chloride is classified as a "Category 2 Carcinogen" in EEC countries and is pending the same classification in the US. Currently in the EEC, silica gel that uses cobalt (II) chloride must carry a skull and crossbones image on the packaging.

Cobalt Chloride - Dry When cobalt (II) chloride is used as a doping agent, silica gel is blue in the active (dry) condition and pink when it is exhausted, or hydrated.

AGoodCo Gel - anhydrous AGoodCo Gel - hexahydrate - Dry AGoodCo’s silica gel turns from a deep orange color when dry to nearly colorless when saturated with moisture. (See additional specifications in the files available in the documents section.)

AGoodCo’s products are sold mainly to commercial buyers. They are used to reduce moisture in electrical and electro-mechanical components such as air compressors and very large transformers.  We also sell to archivists to reduce document moisture.

We sell in sizes small enough to be attractive to the home and hobby user for uses such as flower drying and as a moisture reducer in storage spaces, such as gun cabinets.

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